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Mindfulness Courses Offer 

All the Classes are held on ZOOM 

Why Mindfulness for Musicians? Well, it is because I am a musician and I went through my life struggling with anxiety and negative thoughts, which I was not happy about. After practicing mindfulness, my life got so much better.  Thus, I would like to share my experience with you. 


It is my intention that I am offering FOUR courses for musicians, which I love teaching for individual motivation, intentions, and goals, for musicians. I am hoping these offerings would become important pivots in your life to find your IKIGAI*. I believe the process of growth is much more important than the end results. I like helping people to find joy in the process.


  * IKIGAI (生き甲斐, in Japanese): IKI means life and GAI means purpose, worth, or meaning. Hence, it is a Japanese concept referring to life purpose, life worth, or life meaning.


Free Mindful Meditation for Musicians 

This program is for EVERYONE!  It is exceptionally good for beginner to experienced mindfulness practitioners. 

Mindfulness Retreat
for Music Teachers
(Coming Soon)

This program is for Music Teachers who would like to include mindfulness in their teaching. We will learn deep listening, fear management, reaction management, judgment management, healthy competition, and others. 

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Mindful Entrepreneurship
for Musicians 

(Coming Soon)

This program is for musicians who would like to create their own Entrepreneurial business while being mindful. We will go through any kind of fear, productivity, negative thoughts, in order to launch or during the creation, however, we will discuss mindfully, thus, you will go through the process at ease. 

Mindfulness Individual Coach
for Musicians (Coming soon)

This program is for one-on-one coaching for musicians. This could be for your own musical development, your practicing, career development, or your own mindfulness development. 

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